Rabu, 30 Januari 2013


The dream of owning a home are many. For example, a study showed that about 80% of Germans want a home. Advantages of your own home are obvious. - no monthly rent - no hassle with the landlord - no restriction in interior design - more security in old age who choose the decides building a home will usually come not avoid having to worry about the cost or construction financing thoughts because few "lucky" not to be able to finance a building from its own resources.

A mortgage or real estate financing is made as a rule of equity (savings account, for example) and debt together. Debt capital is the part that will take the form of a loan by banks, financial institutions and building societies. During the examination and issuance of mortgage lending in particular the design, risks and conditions for the proposed construction are considered. If a mortgage is approved in a final phase of the contractual framework to be defined. The decisive factors are mainly the repayment installments to the lender, and its security in the form of the mortgage law (land charge)

Take advantage of the competition at the mortgage market! Due to the variety of new providers, banks must become more flexible. House builders can thus benefit from increased competition in the mortgage market: Take your chance and take advantage of favorable interest rates.

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